Everything about Your Kid’s Online Safety and Parental Control

Today more and more kids join social media under the age of 13-teen. However, if you read terms and conditions of such networks use attentively, you will see that most of them, not to say all, are permitted for the underage. At the same time, there exists no real way to prevent children from singing up for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other similar website.
That’s why it is you, who should take action and trigger social media control. From our side, we will provide all the information and assistance required. Stay with us and learn more about kids online protection.

In our columns, you will find everything you may need to set parental social monitoring. As well as tips on the following issues:

    • Is Twitter safe for kids?
    • How to protect children on kik?
    • Are there parental controls for YouTube?
    • How to spy on WhatsApp messages?
    • Are there any ways to monitor Facebook chat?
    • How to monitor kids Viber?
    • How to monitor kids Skype?

Remember that online environment hides numerous dangers. Online predators, swindlers and cyberbullies can target your child without you even knowing. That’s why your kids require serious protection while surfing through the Internet or simply using their cell phones.

Additionally, you will discover how to oversee and indirectly influence your kid’s academic performance with the help of monitoring. On the one hand, you’ll see how much time he or she wastes on social networking and would be able to bring them back on a studying track. On the other hand, you’ll learn how to instantly recognize if a kid cheats by letting someone else do their paper writing and homework instead of doing it themselves. Such activity is fraught with multiple financial dangers and academic problems.

And that is why this website was created…

…our goal is 24/7, all-round children security.