Benefits You Receive from Using Parental Control Apps

Today it seems that parents know nothing about their children and sometimes usage of parental control applications, devices or software can open the eyes of parents on the activities and needs of their children. Many questions arise about the necessity of monitoring kids’ activities online: is that the best way to secure children from possible perils or parents have to trust them and let children decide whether to ask for help or not in case of strange situations online.

The Evolution of Parental Control Software


The answer can be given only by parents themselves and it depends on the relationship in-between the family members. Still, there are hundreds if not thousands of apps and tools already that give parents a possibility to monitor and manage activities of kids via handheld devices and PCs. Moreover, as smartphones become inevitable part of teenagers life, parents can get a clear notion of the exact location of the kid as well as check the speed of their driving.

In the past, much prominence was given to blocking access or filtering content that children can see on the Internet. Today the technologies of monitoring rise to higher level providing parents a possibility to keep track of all activities of kids.

The necessity of this kind of apps emerged with the appearance of apps and websites that bring potential danger to children. For example, this month was noted by three cases of sexual assaults involving children because of flirting Skout app.

In general, there are around 5 web-connected Internet devices in average American family and only a third of parents monitor the activities of kids on these devices.

The fact that parents monitor activities of children online can lead to quarrels between them as children take it as a signal that parents don’t trust them, especially in case if parents do that in stealth mode. That is why it is essential to warn children before you start monitoring them, explaining why you are doing it.