Monitoring Kids on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular and useful app these days. If you like to take photos, but have neither a good camera nor enough skills to do it professionally, Instagram will let you do it with your smartphone on command.

When it comes to kids, they also love to use the service and say that Instagram for children is like Facebook for adults. However, together with cool pictures and breathtaking photos there comes the issue.

Facts to Consider about Kids on Instagram


  1. Instagram was created for users of 12+ years old. Nevertheless, it is not a problem for kids to sign in and use the service without you knowing.
  2. Though all profiles have public access by default, you can adjust privacy setting manually and prevent your child from contacting strangers.
  3. Instagram is not only pics of food, cats and selfies. Your kid might be involved in sexting or come across threats and bad language in comments as well.
  4. There are a lot of pics and photos containing inappropriate data (sex, drugs, violence, alcohol etc.).
  5. At the same time, it is not hard to find content restricted for kids by using tags.
  6. Instagram has a location option. If you don’t want misgiving people know, where your kids spend their time, and where they actually live, you can switch it off in settings menu.

Remember, if you let your children use the service, Instagram monitoring is a must. In such a way, you will prevent your kids from possible dangers and secure their safe online activity.