To Track or not to Track Your Child’s Online Activity?

Nowadays the Internet became a helpful educational tool and any kid can take an advantage of it as there is hard to find the one without access to the Internet. Still, there are hidden perils not all children know about so it is parent’s responsibility to secure kids from possible online as well as offline dangers. You won’t leave your kid alone on the streets, right? The same thing goes with the Internet, you won’t let your child to browse through the Internet alone – who knows what or who he will find there.

Here are the ways to protect your kid online:

Look through the browsing history of your child. Every browser saves the history of visited sites so you will be able to see what sites your children have visited. The only thing you have to know is where to search for the history: on Internet Explorer you can search for it in the “Tools” menu, on Chrome clock the wrench button in the right upper corner of the screen and click “History”. When the browser is active, you can press Ctrl+H and the history will be revealed.

However, tech savvy kids are able to delete inappropriate items from the history of the web browser so you have to find another way to monitor the Internet usage of kids.

Wireless router can help you with that. Some models of routers keep logs of the visited sites. To get this information you have to type the IP address of the router to the address bar of your browser (you can find it in in Windows, just type ipconfig/all – the Default Gateway is the one you need.

Some routers enable users to create blacklists of sites and will send a notification each time kids try to get access to the forbidden site.

Take an advantage of parental control apps

There are many programs, apps and software that monitor the online activity of kids


  • SafetyWeb. This tool keeps track of kid’s activity on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It will warn you if there will be an explicit content in your child’s messages. This app requires only email of the child, and it will automatically detect all accounts related to it.
  • SocialShield checks the social media circle of your kid to make sure that no one suspicious contacts your kid.
  • McGruff SafeGuard monitors conversations, search terms and sites visited.