The Art of Tracking Twitter without Special Tools

Twitter is one of the first networks, which gained worldwide recognition and engaged many people with various interests and life styles. Using 140-character messages, one can share thoughts and opinions on everything that happens around. It became popular soon after the service was launched and remains leading positions for today.

Twitter is also popular among children. When the service introduced the possibility to share pics and videos, it became even more widely used by the underage. However, the network is not permitted for those under 13-teen.

Twitter Features


There is a lot of information in text messages, which may be inappropriate for children. At the same time, shared links might lead to restricted content or any other sources kids are not supposed to see.

That is why parents should set Twitter parental controls, and thus prevent children from coming across inappropriate messages.

You can also use Twitter monitoring without any additional software and simply follow your kid’s account. However, it will not bring the same result as using parental control applications, since you will not be able to see what your kids search and face while surfing. Tracking without special software will only let you stay informed of posts they make.