Ways Kids Hide Their Online Activities from Parents

A toddler with a smartphone or a tablet in hand won’t surprise anyone today. Children learn faster that we do and they start learning technologies earlier than we did, so when they grow to 8 – 12 years old, they know perfectly well how to use the Internet though parents still believe that it is too difficult for them.

In general, kids get access to the Internet almost all time after school until they go to bed. And without parents’ supervision the combination kid + mobile device with the Internet access can lead into trouble.

Inappropriate content. Simple curiosity can lead children to something that they are not supposed to see (let us admit that there are too many places on the Internet that fall within this statement). Teens know what to search and where to search and that is even bigger problem.

Parents may believe that they know everything about actions of their children online, however, the truth is that almost a half of parents have no idea what their teens are doing on the Internet. More than that, around 70% of kids admit that they know and use the ways to avoid parental monitoring.

How can they do it?

  • By clearing browsing history but not all, because it is suspicious, just the links with inappropriate content.
  • By hiding the browser when adults are near
  • By deleting or hiding IM chats, videos, photos
  • By creating an email address unknown to parents
  • By creating two social media accounts: official and non-official and sharing official only with their parents
  • They simply do not tell parents what they do when browse through the Internet or lie about it
  • Some teens do not have to do something at all as their parents simply do not check their activities at all

How to stop that?

Use parental control software that checks the browsing history, recording even about deleted websites, filters content and blocks unwanted websites.

Create a profile on the PC with no admin rights for your kid, so he won’t be able to change settings

Explain your kids about the issues that technologies can cause. Develop correct online behavior and encourage your kids to discuss everything they do online.