Five parental control apps to help safeguard your kids

There are many parental control apps that help to protect children online – the only thing you have to do is to select the one that has functions that are essential to you.

1: K9 Web Protection

This app helps you to manage the Internet connection of your kids. It is possible to block sites and filter the content, set strict access times and look through the web browsing history. One of the best options of the app is that it will warn you if kid is trying to get access to the prohibited content and you can even completely shut the access to the Internet if there will be several repeated attempts to get access to blocked sites.

2: Family Cyber Alert

This utility also will help you to limit access to the Internet, filter content and keep track of online activity of the user. The distinctive feature of this app is that it saves all keystrokes and monitors browsing history, IM chats, emails sent and all viewed multimedia files. In the settings of the app you can also switch a possibility to record screen captures and afterwards you will be able to see a video of a session. However, the app is difficult to uninstall

3: Anti-Porn

Here the name speaks for itself – the main purpose of the app is to block access to the Internet adult content. With its help you will be able to create a white or blacklist of websites and the app captures and saves screenshots of the online activity and adds them to review. Also with help of the app it is possible to schedule the time of using the Internet. The app also turns off the monitor every 45 minutes for 15 minutes in order to protect the eyesight.

4: ParentalControl Bar

This tool is integrated in the browser bar and makes sure that kids don’t get access to the unauthorized sites. The app has a filter for adult content and you can create whitelist of permitted websites.

5: CyberPatrol Parental Controls

This app is an enhanced one, because it proposes a possibility to block unwanted websites, saves activity logs, monitors the Internet browsing in a real-time mode and you can set different settings for different age groups.