Check the Activities of Your Kids Online

Are you prepared to the fact that even if your kid is at home sitting somewhere near you with a smartphone in hand, she is still at risk. Yes, you know the physical location of your child. Do you know where she is at the moment in cyberspace?

  • Maybe she is surfing through the web with no content filtering and now she is about to see something inappropriate?
  • Or maybe someone has an intention to make her a victim of cyberbullying?
  • Maybe she is in chat room now, communicating with “peer” online friend, who is a sex predator in the real life?
  • Maybe she and her boyfriend have already changed texting to sexting?

You will never know, unless you use parental control software to keep track of all activities of your kid.

Track GPS location of kids

There are many GPS tracking services you can use to find out the location of children at the moment of time. You can use service like Sprint Family Locator or AT&FamilyMap as they propose a possibility not only to check the current position of the target device but also set safe zones and notify parents each time when child leaves them. Moreover, with automatic saving of movements you will know where your kid was the last few days. Also this service can be really useful in case if the phone was lost – with help of GPS cords you will be able to see where it is at the moment.

Keep track of online activities

Teenagers are tech-savvy users of PCs and smartphones and they spend too much time with a smartphone in hands or in front of the screen. They can use their gadgets for inappropriate activities, visit forbidden sites or become victims of cyberbullying or cyberbullies themselves. That is why parental control apps are essential – use powerful ones that can monitor and manage activities of kids, set time limits on device usage, check messages if the app notifies that something inappropriate happens in the messaging of your kid and manage the apps that are installed on the devices.

Teach your kids appropriate online behavior

It is parents’ responsibility to explain kids the rules of online presence and it is preferable to start as early as it is possible. Rules about personal information, how to react on messages from strangers, what to do and what is forbidden – everything should be explained.