Beware of Fake Instagram Accounts!

It is hardly possible to find the Internet user who hasn’t heard about Instagram. But what about Finstagram? No, it is not a new social media platform; it is the new secret teens hide from their parents. There is a pretty good chance that your minor has one and you know nothing about it. Finstagram (finsta) is an alias for the fake account teens create on Instagram without parents knowing.

There are several reasons to establish a finsta: teens post filtered, handpicked photos on Instagram to create a certain opinion about them and win a popularity competition. Finsta strives to other aims and not all of them parents will like.

Reasons for creating finstas that parents would approve


Unlike perfect photos on Instagram, finsta images are more natural and resemble the real life of a teenager. There they have more courage to show funny selfies that highlight weak spots in their appearance or failed photos. Thus, teens show their real selves, and as a rule, only a few friends can see these pictures. For teens, it is a perfect way to demonstrate the world that they don’t care about the others’ opinion of concerning their life. Instagram is too polished for this and there kid won’t have jam all over his face.

Bad reasons for creating a Finstagram account


fake-instagram-accountsSometimes teens use finstas as a weapon of rebellion as it is a tool for pulling the wool over the eyes of parents. And sometimes this is the only reason for it.

Teens rebel against parental control and resort to cunning: they willingly add their parents to the friend list on their official Instagram. Parents look happily through clean-living photos of their children.

Meanwhile, their son or daughter post inappropriate photos like pictures from alcohol parties to their second hidden account. Thus, parents think that they nailed it and monitor their kid properly while the teen leads a double life. Sometimes teens use finsta for cyberbullying: they post harmful photos aimed to spur gossips or tease other people.

Walking a fine line between privacy and parental control


On the one hand, any person deserves some privacy and teens are not an exception (although this age is really dangerous and many teens like to take too many risks). On the other hand, rash acts of teens require additional control from parents’ side, so they do need to know what is going on in their kid’s finsta. They have to stay aware of what their kid is up to and be able to prevent negative consequences of any risky stuff that teenager wants to do.

What should you do to test your child for finsta?

  1. Fist admit the fact that if your teen has a Web-connected handheld device, he might have finsta. Don’t freak out and avoid coming down hard on your kid right away.
  2. Check your child’s mail accounts – if there is a second one apart from the main one, it may serve as evidence that it was used to create the second Instagram account as it is impossible to create two accounts and attach them to one email.
  3. Listen carefully to the conversations of your teen. For the most part, teens think that parents don’t understand their slang and are not particularly interested in their speech.
  4. If you believe that your relations are trust-based then simply ask your kid about his or her Finstagram. Believe it or not, sometimes direct question works way better than gimmicks with tracking apps or eavesdropping.